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Somewhere out of big bubbling sea of hits and so called Pop of the late 60’s started a kind of music in the background just starting to seep it’s way into Rock culture and to an extent the mainstream.

Art Rock as it was when it began was not exactly widely known to the general masses, but it was a sort of treat for those who knew where to find it, although some Art Rock bands were easy to find on the Radar speaking of bands like Pink Floyd.

Pink Floyd would be always known as an Art Rock band form the start to their last album. There are sometimes a convergence in differentiating Art Rock from Progressive Rock bands. A band like Pink Floyd seemed to remain Art Rock without needing to be one if it did not so choose but remained an Art Rock band anyway.

Bands like Yes and Genesis seemed to be qualified as Art rock bands right from there start. Genesis is a band that could teeter between Art and Progressive Rock but may be more likened to have chosen the Art Rock course despite their musicianship which could be putting them in either category…but theirs is a reason why Art Rock is truly a delight.

It is something that hangs on the borders of Popular music and really fills a gap in listening to music that Pop music simply cannot fill.

Art rock stretches the ears and the mind to places that mainstream and contemporary pop cannot do alone. It’s like literally viewing a Dali painting or sometimes Geiger sometimes Warhol or anywhere in between compared to paintings from a classical period or ordinary pictures of people or landscapes…The ears can only take too much as well as the eyes before it craves what cannot normally be there.

So for many Art Rock fills that gap that the senses are missing.

Rush could be an art rock band, but is mostly thought of as Progressive. Here and then again there is a fine line between Art and Progressive rock though they much to do with each other…However Progressive Rock is likened mostly Harder Rock, with increased drumming and a leaning from Hard Rock to Heavy Metal as another type of Progressive Rock Music.

Art Rock might not be considered all the time to the Heavier style of music but can placid and tranquil.

Art Rock makes a declaration most of the time. What it says is something like: This is not normal, this may not be what you want to hear, or to some it is This is exactly what you want to hear and you might not thought anyone would have said it. To a lot of music fans Art Rock is a definite breath of fresh air like alternative music was for some in the early 90’s.

It is the color that is not always on the palate…It is the flavor that is least available compared to the majority of music. I would guess that the culture of the 60’s from which it began until now had an effect on Art Rock and it’s music. It is decisively contemporary and modern if it be futuristic or overtly dream orientated.

Art rock seem to play and hint along the scope of ones Psyche and mind-scape. It is for that reason perhaps that drug-use is sometimes thought of an accessory to Art Rock like it would be to Psychedelic Rock but I don’t think that is truly necessary. The music itself should provide otherworldly feeling that one derives from it.

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