Vantage of Radio Stations

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High stretched out peering up over most vantage points, a radio antennae built and made to transmit signal looms. Somewhere near by, sometimes in a building that holds it and sometimes just a shy distance is where the programming takes place; the idle chattering and a vast library of music or snippets from other broadcasts and commercial segments takes hold.

Thousands of tall structures overlook across a large space of land. Yet in particular to each one a completely different set of shows and music.

The far reach of the antennas are pretty vast most covering a city size and usually further out a predetermined set of miles, though not always totally exact.

Beams of high fidelity, usually, sound travels into the device. For car or radio or a satellite stream, what an odd way to have your particular kind of show or music. As odd as internet cables or wireless transmission. I guess we are connected in this way to a decent experience and we are all connected by these waves and these days it would be hard, pretty hard, to go through a day or a few without this connection.

Some radio shows have the wherewithal to help us into a better day as well with our preferred music. With the kind of talent of a radio show or the music we prefer we are ebbed along into our desired goal. It almost makes barely any sense yet this is how we seem to progress sometimes.

If you get a little metaphysical or new age, our own frequency or vibes might have something to do with that which comes back. On the other hand, art is what it is as a finished product at least on radio, computer or satellite. Once it is ready for distribution, you may or may not like it, however as things are sometimes not easily explained, you might once like it and then again not like it.

A vast network makes up the radio stations on our dials. They force us into a soundtrack of our lives. When things go well, we usually somehow seem pleased with the content we listen to although it is also a matter of choice. What we hear with our ears plays into what we see with our eyes and a scene is made.

Sometimes are listening pleasure is bitterly interrupted by annoying or inconsequential commercials but there is need for them similar to when you would watch music videos with such pleasure then change the channel on the commercials which might be why there are no or hardly any music videos these days.

Where I am there are now at least four radio stations on FM that play a variety of music and songs. They change the list like a jukebox or a cd player on shuffle and it can be a nice relief sometimes or at other times it sounds like a bad mix like a soup with ingredients that do not go together and end up tasting like muck.

Radio stations change. There were several times where my favorite radio station went out of there lease so to speak and another, usually more modern or current trend of a station overtook them. It happens. It always stinks. So, it is fortunate if you find anything as good as that was on the new array of radio stations that currently are running.

We might go about our day, at times placidly until we go and turn on our radio or satellite and it takes us back to our finer moods and realigns us, reminding us of a world out there. For sometimes we can be addicted to what we see and what we hear and beaming to us across miles is another universe which is our universe reminding us of another world to which we can be a part of.

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