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A Preview Into Music and New Music in A General Outlay

Lately when a band or group or artist that is lesser known or new into the scene presents their new album, song or cd there is usually a freshness to it most of the time. Perhaps they have been working with the latest equipment or that there is such a fervor when someone puts out their first album or even their latest one as well.
Sounds change with the times. Companies that make effects units, pre-amps and digital software usually can stay ahead of the game and usher in devices that will bring that new sound to the next and newer audience, while hopefully pleasing the old ones too.
There are also lots of effects units that can emulate an older sound, though many say it can never still replicate the sound exactly therefor the reason why old equipment can be so pricey in their range.
It can only make sense to follow along or at least keep tabs on the latest sounds. It does not necessarily or even in at all take away from the musicianship of the artist.
When a new record is made, it is the songs as well as the sounds that can make an album stand the test of time. Ironically there are songs, say from the seventies that at one time sounded dated and then perhaps years later it suddenly sounds totally good and very well produced in turn. When that happens it usually has proved that it was a well produced album after all as the latest opinion is the one that stands-of course consider the source.
Ox Cohen is the author if this site and is musician, composer an maker of a four album collection.
Four albums are presented in the collection and somehow each is very different from each other. They were created in span of about 12 years. I wanted to present these collections to you to highlight a nuance from this sight. I have been playing guitar over 29 years. Have practiced piano and cello respectively for around 4 years for each. Many might not know enough about the albums and would naturally be hesitant to purchase one because of this unknown factor. They are available to hear samples at and can also be tried out at itunes as well.
SO, I’d like just to write a little of each album to provide extra information so you might know what you would be getting if you decided to go and make a purchase on one or more of them.
Each album was made in hopes to help one with mood, relaxation and a thaumaturgical element that may be able to improve your life. Though I cannot truly guarantee that for anyone or everyone as well.
The first album Moon Dust is a free-for experimental endeavor using a on-in all digital studio that was made in the early 2000’s. It combines new-age with rock, jazz and ambient music influences. They are mainly a kind mood-rock collection that is similar to what a movie soundtrack might sound like. But, it is also electronic sounding with exception of a couple pieces that are featuring solo instrumentals…guitar and piano.
Sky Nine is perhaps the most relied upon and spans from electronic rock, ambient rock with some free-form jazz rock pieces. It is very experimental form start to finish but mainly displays a kind of serenity throughout. It might be the best for the thaumaturgical component.
Tri Axis Triple Works is the third album and that last one that is an instrumental album like the previous 2 albums. These songs are electronic sounding also and are a wide range of different kinds of instrumentals that can be composed. There is almost every genre emulated in these songs and it has a firmer, somewhat more polished sound to the album and is experimental as well from a composing stance.
The last and final album created is called IV Sing. It is called that because it is the fourth album and has vocals, so it is not an instrumental. I used a Drummer to add tracks to the songs and the album is manly a rock album but it also varies a little in some of the moods, modes and styles through out. It is a Songwriters’ album and in some ways lighter than the previous ones and in a way more musical.
I hope you all had time to appreciate this site. There will be more blogs and I won’t go into too much of my albums or songs…However I feel like presenting a picture so you can hopefully decide for yourselves if it is something for you.
Thank you. Hope to see you back here and hope you enjoy the site and the music if you can as well.

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